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Orlando, FL - May 25th

Orlando, FL - May 25th

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May 25th

4850 Lawing Lane Orlando, FL 32811

10 am/ 1:30 am time slots

3 hours long

tickets are non-refundable 

Hello girls!! I am SO excited to get to meet and see all of you at the range.  There will be refreshments but it might be a good idea to bring extra water just in case!

10:30am is a beginner course will start everyone at ground zero. Our goal is for you to walk away knowing how the firearm works, how to operate it safely, load/unload, load and change magazines, sight alignment, trigger pull and reset, stance, and most importantly proper grip!

Our 1:30pm class is our Level 2 course and will qualify you for your CWL. Our Level 2 course will  warm up, go over shooting 2 shots at a time, shoot faster with accuracy, reloading, transitioning targets (shooting one target and transitioning to another without moving/stopping), doing multiple practices at once and how to clear malfunctions in depth. THis class will be 3-3.5 hrs with the CCW.

We are known to have our goody bags for our attendees and some information curriculum for you to take home in your bags. Many of our bags include valuable items that either benefit you day of, in the future or save you money/ include gift cards to companies that will aid in your shooting/ self defense journey.

Now as far as what you will need to bring to the event:

-pistol (no rifles please!) there will be some available to rent for free, please make a note of this or send me an email in check out

-ammunition :  150-300rds  (will need to be purchased day of if you are renting a firearm) PLEASE BE EARLY IF YOU ARE RENTING


-ear protection

-eye protection

-closed toed shoes + NO LOW CUT TOPS

-your cute self! 

-tell your friends



Shooters World Orlando is a Central Florida’s largest gun store!

-74,000 Sq Ft Retail Store

-Over 50 indoor shooting ranges, from 15-100yrds

-100 of guns available to experience, including Full Auto and .50 Cal

-It’s your 2nd Amendment Theme Park!


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