About Us

Girls Just Wanna have Guns is a female owned and operated business by Adelina Mae. 

Adelina Mae is a certified NRA Instructor, an avid 2A supporter, and a 3 Gun/ USPSA Competition shooter. She has competed across the country for the past three years and started shooting around the age of five. She has worked with companies such as FN America, 5.11 tactical, Titan Ballistics, Supervel Ammunition, Spectre Concealment, Sig Sauer, Ergo grips, and Atlas Gunworks.  Some of her personal videos and her personal instagram is linked below. 

She developed this company based on the event of asking her mom, who had been around firearms her whole life and had in her own home, to change the magazine in a pistol and reload another one without help or instruction. Realizing that she didn't know how to do so without asking questions, Adelina's eyes to realizing most wives, girlfriends and females in general who have a male in their life that owns guns, cannot complete this simple task. All the while, these women are told that if something were to happen and the man wasn't home, that they should use the gun to defend themselves or their children. With this realization, Adelina created a course to take women away from the man in their lives that would typically take them out and teach them how to change magazines, load magazines, fix malfunctions, understand how the gun works and teach how to shoot accurately.

She also knew that most women might feel uncomfortable doing this by themselves especially without the person that they typically go with, which is why she made this not just a class but an event. She has brunch with the girls, raffles from local companies and sponsors, swag bags worth over $100,  oh and we forgot to mention and full class. 

Her dream was to host an event and maybe more down the line. Since that Idea, GJWHG has exploded into a full fledged nation tour and will continue to grow. 

If you are in a city or state that an upcoming event has not been planned please reach out to coordinate.



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