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Phoenix, AZ - July 23rd

Phoenix, AZ - July 23rd

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July 23rd 

Location Tentative: 

PHX Rod andGun Club: 915 W Olney Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85041 or Cowtown Range: 10402 W Carefree Hwy Peoria, AZ 85383 

9 am/ 11:30am 

The event will be until about 2pm. However you are only required to stay for you class time which is about 2 hours long starting from the slot time that you pick.

This event is for brand new beginners to intermediate.

we will also be offering some exiting extras that we have never done before with our event partners!  




Hello girls!! I am SO excited to get to meet and see all of you at the range!

We will be starting the event at 9 am and will have 2 flights. This format of 2 separate times allows for more one on one attention for each of you!

This is a beginner course, we can work with anyones skill level but will start everyone at ground zero. Our goal is for you to walk away knowing how the firearm works, how to operate it safely, load/unload, load and change magazines, sight alignment, trigger pull and reset, stance, and proper grip!

There will be plenty of shade, misters, water, refreshments and food but it might be a good idea to bring extra water just in case!

I don't know about everyone else but I will of course be in my signature color of pink and we will have a pretty cute photo op for everyone so if you feel you want to dress for it please do! This will be a great event with raffle items, vendors, activities and more. You will not want to miss this event!

Now as far as what you will need to bring to the event 

-pistol (it doesn't have to be yours, if it is your husband's, etc)

-ammunition (50-100 rds)


-ear protection (backup available)

-eye protection (backup available)

-optional: sunscreen

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