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August 10th - Athol, ID

August 10th - Athol, ID

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August 10th

9:00am beginner / 12:30pm level 2

Farragut public shooting range: 33644 N Shooters Rd
Athol, ID 83801

3 hours long - BE 10 MIN EARLY 

Please fill out your information below to register for this event. 

The 9am slot is the beginner course like all of our other events and we will start everyone at ground zero. Our goal is for you to walk away knowing how the firearm works, how to operate it safely, load/unload, load and change magazines, sight alignment, trigger pull and reset, stance, and most importantly proper grip.

The 12:30 class is a level 2 class and is EXTREMELY beneficial/ complimentary to our beginner class. You will feel MUCH more confident after partaking in both classes. IF you sign up for both, there is $50 discount on the second class. The level 2 class will be guiding you through multiple different drills to practice different skills such as shooting at transitioning from one target to another, reloading with intention, fixing malfunctions quickly and being able to shoot faster with accuracy. This class should allow you to practice to the point of undeniable confidence with your firearm..

We are known to have our goody bags for our attendees and some information curriculum for you to take home in your bags. Many of our bags include valuable items that either benefit you day of, in the future or save you $ or include gift cards to companies that will aid in your shooting/ self defense journey.

The range is outdoors so please don't wear you brand new white sneakers or running shoes. Please wear a crewneck t-shirt or sweatshirt. NO low cut tops. There will be refreshments and food but it might be a good idea to bring extra water just in case! I don't know about everyone else but I will of course be in my signature color of pink and we will have a pretty cute photo op for everyone so if you feel you want to dress for it please do!

 Now as far as what you will need to bring to the event 

-pistol (no rifles please!) rental firearms available for $15  

-ammunition 100-200rds (additional cost for rentals)


-ear protection (available at range)

-eye protection (available at range)


-proper clothing. (please do not wear a low cut top, it can be a safety issue)

-optional: sunscreen



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