Las Vegas, AZ Dec 3rd 2022

While planning this event in September of 2022 we had some issues and rescheduled for December and boy are we glad we did! We had pretty close to a full class on December 3rd, and we made some amazing friends. As a company, the owner drove to Vegas with her 2 dogs and her amazing helper of a boyfriend around 9pm, arrived at 2am, slept in the trailer until 6am and set up for the day! They were home at 9pm that night.... it may be a grind but it is so incredibly worth it for her to watch the company grow. Thank you to all who showed up and spread the word including our ammunition sponsor that is just a few minutes away, Supervel Ammunition. Thank you to the staff at Pro Gun Club for helping this go smoothly!

Thank you to our title sponsor, Big Tex Ordnance, as always for making these events happen!

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